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Pistoia, far away from the crowded itineraries, will surprise you with its hidden charm. Narrow paved
alleys, mysterious views will guide you to an immense Piazza del Duomo, considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy: the area opens and dialogues with the sky through the splendour of its monuments. You will be charmed by many artistic masterpieces, from breathtaking landscapes, with hills as far as the
eye can see and mountains dotted by various small medieval hamlets. Pistoia is waiting for you to offer
you a unique and relaxing stay.

The city, of Roman origin, is a real paradise for art and tradition lovers. Poets and writers have exalted its charm, calling it the "città di pietra incantata"(city of enchanted stone) and "città dalle larghe strade e dalle belle chiese" (city with large roads and beautiful churches).

There is an unmissable appointment in Pistoia for music lovers: the famous Pistoia Blues Festival, which takes place in Piazza del Duomo, and that every summer, attracts famous stars such as John Mayall, B. B. King, and Bob Dylan. While for those who prefer folklore, on 25 July they can watch the Giostra dell'Orso that proposes the pageant of a medieval joust in costume.

Cultural visits in the historical city centre

There are many cultural sites that attract tourists looking for something special.
Following is a short list to help you chose.

Museo Marino Marini -
Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci -
Museo dell'Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi -
Fondazione Jorio Vivarelli -
Museo civico Palazzo Fabroni Arti visive contemporanee -
Museo del Ricamo -
Percorso di Pistoia Sotterranea -
Collezione Gori Fattoria di Celle "Land-art" -